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Giving Your Garage Doors The Makeover They Deserve

One day, when I was pulling up to my house, I realized that my garage doors were absolutely hideous. They had unsightly, chipped paint, and I knew that I needed to change them. I looked into replacing the door, but it was just too expensive. Instead of trying to replace them, I realized that it might be a good idea to think about painting them. I headed to the hardware store, picked up some durable-looking paint, and then rented a paint sprayer. After I masked off the area and painted the entire door, it made my house look a lot better. This blog is all about giving your home the TLC it deserves.


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How To Tell If A Technician Should Service A Garage Door

Over the course of its life, a garage door is likely to require service. Knowing when to request garage door services can go a long way toward protecting your system. When garage doors show these six signs of trouble, homeowners should ask for help.

Issues with Closing or Opening

The door can struggle to close or open for a host of reasons. One of the most common causes is a failure in the opener. A failing motor can also be a problem. Even something as simple as a slightly bent rail can keep garage doors from opening or closing.

Uneven Movement

Once more, a number of components can cause garage doors to move unevenly.  The springs can weaken to the point that they bounce under force. Defects in the tracks can also make the movement wobbly. Even poor electrical stability can cause the movement to jerk or slow down. If the movement has visibly declined in quality, ask a technician to check it out.

Off-Kilter Door

Springs and cables can leave the door off-kilter. This is another problem that can arise from damaged rails. Even wear and tear can cause the door itself to warp.

Extra Electrical Consumption

Some problems aren't visible. Instead, they might only be visible on the electric bill. For example, a failing motor doesn't always just die right away. Instead, the system might consume more juice to achieve the same results.

When the system overcompensates, it has to use more energy to achieve the same results. You might see the same movement as before, but now the motor is running up the electrical bill. Also, just because the motor is working doesn't mean things are okay. If it's eating extra energy, it's likely wearing out. Suboptimal operation may also damage other components and lead to bigger repair bills down the road.

Faulty Sensors

Garage doors have sensors to detect when the door is all the way down or up. If one of these sensors fails, the system may stop preemptively or even overshoot the mark. Finding the non-working sensor and replacing it can be challenging. A garage door services technician will know the diagnostic process, though.

Damaged Parts

Sometimes the parts suffer visible damage. Some of these parts are very dangerous, too. The springs and cables are under significant tension, for example. Under no circumstances should you try to fix these components yourself. A technician has the tools needed to safely remove damaged parts and replace them.

For more information, contact a garage door services technician near you.