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Giving Your Garage Doors The Makeover They Deserve

One day, when I was pulling up to my house, I realized that my garage doors were absolutely hideous. They had unsightly, chipped paint, and I knew that I needed to change them. I looked into replacing the door, but it was just too expensive. Instead of trying to replace them, I realized that it might be a good idea to think about painting them. I headed to the hardware store, picked up some durable-looking paint, and then rented a paint sprayer. After I masked off the area and painted the entire door, it made my house look a lot better. This blog is all about giving your home the TLC it deserves.



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How To Effectively Secure Your Home's Attached Garage From Theft

As a new homeowner, it is important for you to know how to properly lock and secure your home's attached garage space. Since you have expensive tools and household items stored in your garage, keeping it secured at all times will help to prevent losses from theft. Additionally, your attached garage gives thieves access into your home through its inner door, so effectively securing the interior door is also vitally important.

Follow these time-tested tips to secure your home's garage from the threat of theft or other crime:

Choose a Metal Garage Door Without Windows

If your home has an old garage door or one with glass windows, you should replace it with a solid metal door that does not have any windows. When your garage door has glass windows, they allow potential thieves to look into your garage for items to steal. If the existing garage door is in good shape but has windows, then you can easily install an inexpensive window film on the inside of the glass to block people's view from the outside.

Secure Your Garage Door with an Automatic Opener and Keep the Remotes Protected

Using a garage door opener provides you with convenience in bad weather and also an added layer of security. Your garage door opener lets you stay in your car while you are getting safely into your garage. This is very important if you live in an area with a high crime rate.

You should never keep the remote controls for the garage door opener in your cars. If someone gains access to your vehicle and takes the garage door remote, then they will be able to access your garage and possibly even get inside of your family's home.

Install a Deadbolt Lock and Peephole on Your Interior Garage Door

The door between your garage door and home needs to be just as secure as your home's front door. This door should be a solid-core door and must have both a deadbolt and peephole installed on it for added security.

Never Install a Safe in Your Home's Garage

Finally, while you may be tempted to install a safe on the concrete slab in your home's attached garage, this is not something that you should ever do. Instead, have your contractor place our new safe inside of an interior closet where it will be harder for a thief to find and access. For more about garage doors, visit KBI Door Services Ltd.