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Giving Your Garage Doors The Makeover They Deserve

One day, when I was pulling up to my house, I realized that my garage doors were absolutely hideous. They had unsightly, chipped paint, and I knew that I needed to change them. I looked into replacing the door, but it was just too expensive. Instead of trying to replace them, I realized that it might be a good idea to think about painting them. I headed to the hardware store, picked up some durable-looking paint, and then rented a paint sprayer. After I masked off the area and painted the entire door, it made my house look a lot better. This blog is all about giving your home the TLC it deserves.



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Garage Door System Damage And Common Repairs That Are Made

One of the first things to need replacement in your garage door system are the tension springs. These are tightly wound metal coils that get stretched out every time you open and close your garage door. They get worn out over time, and will start to malfunction. If a tension spring breaks, it can expand across the garage, potentially causing damage to your property and anyone in the way. Your opener may need to be replaced after ten years or more, while the door itself tends to last the longest. Brackets can fall off, tracks can get bent from getting hit, and photo sensors can get knocked around and damaged.

Problems with Tension Springs

If your garage door opens rapidly, the tension springs being used may be too big for your garage door system. They might be adjusted too tightly, causing too much tension on the door as it opens. You might see that your garage door won't stay in the open position, another indication that the tension springs need to be repaired. These tightly coiled pieces of metal are dangerous to those that don't know how to adjust them, and you should never try to deal with your tension springs as the homeowner.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener should last about 15 years. If your opener isn't working, this could be a problem with your remote. Check the opener by pressing the wall unit to turn on the opener. Make sure there is power going to the opener. If your opener won't open your garage door and you can't figure out why, you need garage door repair services to figure it out. You may need a new opener, which can fail early if it has been working too hard due to loose tension springs.

Track Problems From Loose Brackets

Brackets can become loose because of the vibration caused when the door opens and closes. You can check your brackets periodically to make sure they are holding up your track. If you run your door with a missing bracket, this can lead to a bend in your track system. If you find a bracket on the ground, figure out where it came from and put it back in place.

Your garage door system will work for a long time with minimal repairs when you understand what is going on. Take care of small problems, and you are less likely to get stuck on the wrong side of the door.