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Giving Your Garage Doors The Makeover They Deserve

One day, when I was pulling up to my house, I realized that my garage doors were absolutely hideous. They had unsightly, chipped paint, and I knew that I needed to change them. I looked into replacing the door, but it was just too expensive. Instead of trying to replace them, I realized that it might be a good idea to think about painting them. I headed to the hardware store, picked up some durable-looking paint, and then rented a paint sprayer. After I masked off the area and painted the entire door, it made my house look a lot better. This blog is all about giving your home the TLC it deserves.


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5 Minor Repair Issues That Lead To Hitching Garage Doors

When a garage door hitches a bit when opening or closing, it can seem like a minor problem since the door is still operating. Eventually, though, the problem can get worse unless the cause is determined and repaired.

1. Bent Panels

If your garage door style is a paneled roller door as opposed to being a swing door, then warping of the panels can cause a door to hitch when opening or closing. If only one panel is affected, your repair tech can replace it with a new panel and paint it to match the rest of the door. In some cases, minor warping can even be straightened out. If multiple panels are affected, it may be time for a new door. 

2. Damaged Rollers

 The rollers are the wheels on the side of the garage door that allow it to move up and down the track. Dirt and debris stuck in the rollers can lead to hitching, as can damage to the rollers themselves. Sometimes the bearings in the rollers give out, which means that the bearings must be repacked. Damage to the nylon wheels on the rollers is another issue, which will necessitate roller replacement.

3. Warped Tracks

Over time the tracks themselves can suffer damage. Being knocked into by tools or vehicles can bend a track severely. Tools can become lodged behind a track, or minor impacts may warp a track or knock it out of alignment. Both major damage and minor alignment issues can lead to hitching. Minor damage can be straightened back out by a garage door repair tech, but more severe damage may mean it is time to consider a track replacement.

4. Rusty Hinges

Rusty hinges are a problem that can affect paneled garage doors, causing them to hitch a bit upon opening or closing. Although the door may seem to be in great condition, the hinges may be rusting and sticking. This is usually a result of a lack of proper lubrication over the years. Once rusted out, it's best to have your repair tech replace all of the hinges with new ones. Going forward, lubricate the hinges at least once a year to guard against rust and to ensure smooth operation.

5. Stretched Springs

Over time, the springs on a garage door opener can stretch out. The door may sag when open, strain to raise properly, or hitch a bit when it is opening or closing. Springs are under high tension, so they shouldn't be repaired by the homeowner due to the danger they can pose. Instead, schedule a professional spring replacement. 

Contact a garage door repair service for more help if your door is causing problems.