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Giving Your Garage Doors The Makeover They Deserve

One day, when I was pulling up to my house, I realized that my garage doors were absolutely hideous. They had unsightly, chipped paint, and I knew that I needed to change them. I looked into replacing the door, but it was just too expensive. Instead of trying to replace them, I realized that it might be a good idea to think about painting them. I headed to the hardware store, picked up some durable-looking paint, and then rented a paint sprayer. After I masked off the area and painted the entire door, it made my house look a lot better. This blog is all about giving your home the TLC it deserves.


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Dealing With Garage Door Noise And Vibrations When In Motion

If your garage door is making noise when it is in motion, there are some things you can check that may remedy the problem. Having a garage door repair service make adjustments and replace worn parts is the first step in the process. 

Door Guides

Garage door repair and service can often involve minor adjustments to your door to make it work more efficiently. Along the side of the door are brackets and wheels that support the door as it moves through the path that the track forms.

As the rollers age, the bearings will start to wear, and they often begin to drag, causing noise and vibration. When the door starts to shake, the movement or energy is transferred through the entire system and can sound like a freight train is running through your home. 

The solution is to replace the rollers on the door with higher-quality aftermarket wheels and bears that are quieter and have provisions for greasing and other maintenance. The stock wheels or rollers are often metal and do not allow you to lubricate them, but aftermarket urethane wheels are much quieter and will last longer. The garage door repair service can change the rollers for you and deal with the door to stop much of the shaking or movement in it. 

Garage Door Springs

Residential garage doors have several large springs over the door that assist with pulling the door up and lowering it down. Older garage doors have similar springs, but they are located along the sides of the door and use a system of pulleys and cables. 

The tension springs above the door tighten and loosen many times over their lifespan, and as they wear, they can lose some strength, causing them to be less effective and allowing the door to jump or skip as it moves. Replacing these torsion springs is sometimes necessary, but the garage door repair service can check them to determine if tightening will take some slop or movement out of the door. 

Garage Door Openers

Residential garage door openers are very common in modern homes, and if you use an opener with a chain drive system, every time the door cycles, the chain gets stretched a little more. Eventually, the chain slaps the door opener as it moves and can allow some vibration in the door itself. 

The solution is to tighten the chain, and the garage door repair service can adjust it correctly. In extreme cases, the chain may be too stretched to fix, but upgrading the garage door opener to a belt-driven system can significantly reduce the noise and vibrations. When all these things are combined, and the garage door is adjusted for the best performance, it can be quiet and operate more efficiently.